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In keeping with the spirit of your contribution and in compliance with tax laws, the Board of Directors of The Cocama Project will exercise discretion and control over the use of your donation for the mission of this organization.

Monthly Support for Missionaries Kyle and Alissa Pean

Pean Family

Meet Kyle and Alissa Pean

“Beginning in 2011, Kyle spent his summers interning with IAM Ministries in Peru. He spent many months learning about the culture of Peru and falling in love with the people. In June of 2013, Kyle went along side Sam and Marcie as they ventured on their first trip. In a similar way that this trip changed their lives, Kyle’s life was also changed. After returning home, he began his college career at Criswell Bible College in Dallas, Texas. In June of 2016, he married Alissa, who has also traveled globally for missions, and they began their life together. God has since sent them on many trips to different places to spread the gospel of Christ. South America has always held a special place in both of their hearts. 

In June of 2018, Kyle and Alissa went together to Peru and fell in love with the people of Nueve de Octubre. God has placed it in their hearts to join The Cocama Project to walk alongside Sam and Marcie in the vision for the people. Beginning in September of 2019, Kyle and Alissa plan to attend language school in Costa Rica to prepare for their life on the mission field in Peru. Once they finish their one-year program, they will be joining Sam and Marcie on the field in Nueve de Octubre to further the kingdom of God.